Bestmixer is a Bitcoin tumbler in a Tor which provides the highest anonymity level

Description: Let’s look at a Tor-friendly and SSL secured cryptocurrency mixer which has many other interesting features. Bestmixer – hot or not?

In 2018 it’s a must to use browsers and services for staying anonymous, especially if we speak about cryptocurrency owners. Bestmixer is such a website which offers coins mixing for deleting all names and addresses from the history. This helps to avoid being robbed or caught by the government.


Protecting functions

To give users freedom in earning and transacting crypto Bestmixer’s developers added some features which are:
– SSL secured;
– Tor-friendly;
– Deleting information about mixing in 24 hours after it’s finished;
– Automatically generated incoming address;
– No names and personal information is asked.

You can find even more details if you visit the official website:

Guarantees and confirmations

Of course, it isn’t easy to give money to unknown service that’s why there are proofs for any user that this website is fair. After the first mixing everybody will be given with a unique code which protects from tumbling with the same coins. There’ll be also a letter of guarantee in which it’s said that only other clients’ crypto is used. When everything is right users receive confirmations.

Bestmixer is a great Bitcoin tumbler in a Tor. A combination of its abilities gives users a high level of protection. Even if you have Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash, this service will mix them for a reasonable price.

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